Law of Attraction Affirmations

Law of Attraction Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration

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Law of Attraction affirmations are a powerful and quick way to raise your energetic vibration to that of what you desire. Once your vibration is a perfect match to your desire, it must manifest.

The following affirmations are extremely powerful, and when combined with other law of attraction techniques will assist you in your manifestations.

Read them through slowly, totally  absorbing ALL of the words. Feel their energetic power and allow it to encompass you as you read. Absorb each affirmation and generate a positive energy that gets stronger and stronger with each affirmation. Believe in every word and read the affirmations from start to finish, creating a powerful rampage of appreciation towards your wonderful self.

Affirmations for Gratitude

I am so thankful for this wonderful day and for being alive and healthy to marvel in its absolute beauty.

I am grateful for possessing the power to design my life in any way that I desire, and today I am intently focusing on the good things and giving gratitude and thanks to them all.

I am aware that for things to change to suit my desires, I need to change and be flexible and focused, and I am undoubtedly confident in my absolute ability to do so.

I take time every day to find peace and solitude within myself and I know that absolutely EVERYTHING I need is within me.

I am so strong and brimming with confidence that I can achieve anything  I desire because I am a winner. I believe in ALL of my endless possibilities.

I live with total focus and courage and have an unquestionable determination to live a life full of unbridled passion and purpose.

I am a natural born leader and I deserve total success in everything I do.

Affirmations for Money

I effortlessly attract abundance and have a wonderful relationship with money, which flows to me easily.

I am like a magnet to money and absolutely everything I touch turns to gold.

Today, wonderful opportunities to make money reveal themselves to me because I am so worthy.

Affirmations for Joy

I find time each and every day for laughter and happiness, which emanates from me in abundance.

I totally accept myself fully and love the person that I am. I am at total peace with myself.

I am so empowered and free to be myself in all my beauty. I am a wonderful creation

Affirmations for Love

I am an extremely forgiving and loving person and the more I love, the more love I get. I deserve love in its highest form

I am at one with myself and with everything around me, and accept peace and joy in all areas of my life

I feel the love and abundance in everything around me and I am extremely grateful to be me.

I hope that whilst reading these Law of Attraction affirmations you were able to generate a wonderful energy within yourself and are now feeling empowered?

Keep practising and focusing on raising your energetic vibration to that of which you desire. Just remember that the only thing in the way of your manifestation not showing up is YOU.

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Happy manifesting,