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Using the following Law of Attraction money techniques will allow you to develop a wonderful relationship with money and help you to attract money and financial abundance into your life.

The first and most important step in the process of attracting money using the Law of Attraction is to establish exactly what your current relationship with money is.

What is Your Belief System About Money?

Do this by asking yourself some questions to establish exactly what belief system you hold about money. These beliefs can be detrimental to your attracting abundance using these principles if they are not founded on the fact that you are deserving of such wealth.

Ask yourself:

Are you fearful of money?

Do you feel that you are not worthy of possessing large amounts of money?

Are you living in a state of lack?

What sort of amount of money have you been accustomed to earning?

Answering these questions honestly will ascertain your belief system relating to money that you are comfortable with.

In order to attract more money into your life using the Law of Attraction you need to have a positive belief system that you ARE worthy of possessing large amounts of money. It is only when you have this belief that the money will begin to show up for you. This may mean that you have to step outside of your comfort zone and work towards changing your current beliefs to positive ones.

How to Change Your Belief System and Raise Your Vibration 

In order to attain this positive belief system you must believe with every fibre in your body that you deserve any amount of money and raise your vibration around money to the point that it has no choice but to show up for you. The following Law of Attraction visualization techniques will assist you in attaining this:

Begin by visualizing the amount of money that you want.

Think about what you intend to do with that money and notice the good feelings that are associated with this.

Really connect emotionally with this thought and bring the visualization to life.

Act as if you already possess it and bring it to life using color and sound.

Really supercharge this vision and believe fully that you are in possession of it.

How wonderful does that feel?

Your vibration towards money will now have raised and you should be feeling a little more comfortable around the thought of possessing money, which means that your belief system relating to it is changing.

Keep repeating this visualization as many times as possible and don’t be afraid to visualize anything else that you desire. The more that you repeat this process, the higher your vibration will get, and the quicker the money will manifest.

In order for this to work and be successful, you MUST believe that this is possible and carry out the visualization with as much positive emotion as you can manage. Engage with the positive energy that your visualization produces and connect fully with your vibration. Choose to elevate it and yourself to the point where every thought you think about money evokes a positive emotion within you.

When you are at this level, it is only a matter of time before the universe provides you with your desire, so be positive, persistent and patient. It WILL come!

The following Law of Attraction meditation for money will assist you in activating and raising your vibration:

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I hope that you enjoyed the Law of Attraction money meditation and are now ready to receive ALL the money that you desire.

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