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If you are looking for someone special to share your life with, the following Law of Attraction love advice will help you to attract your desire.

We all want to give love and to be loved and it is a need that each and everyone of us is entitled to, including YOU.

To best understand  how to use the Law of Attraction (LOA) for love, a basic understanding of the LOA would be beneficial.

How to Attract Love Using the Law of Attraction

For you to attract your perfect relationship and ultimately receive love, you need to be a vibrational match to your desire, so firstly you must make the choice to BE in the state of love.

Your objective is to elevate the vibrational signal that you emit to a level that is in direct relationship to that of which you desire. This NEEDS to be achieved for your desire to be realized.

This is going to take some work on your behalf, but once you feel your energy rising you will really start to enjoy the process of using use the LOA for love.

Start by being mindful as to the thoughts that subconsciously enter your mind and make a commitment to yourself that from THIS moment forth you will entertain only positive thoughts.

Immediately replace any negative thoughts that arise with positive ones. This is something that can be achieved with effort and persistence. These steps are crucial for putting you into a positive mindset to attract your perfect love using the LOA.

Write a list of ALL of the wonderful qualities that you want in your ideal partner and even be specific about the their physical attributes. Really make them come alive and create a clear vision in your mind of the perfect partner for you.

Activate the vibration of love within yourself and notice how great it feels to totally give this person all of your love, making it stronger and stronger by the minute. Allow them to love you in return and accept their  love fully.

How wonderful does this feel?

Watch the following video to raise  your vibration and understand how to use the LOA for love:

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You wholeheartedly need to believe that this WILL work and to have total trust that it is only a matter of time before this wonderful person shows up in your life.

Keep this positive energy momentum going and enhance it using positive affirmations for love:

Love Affirmations

I am worthy of love and it flows to me effortlessly.

The amount of love I receive is the same as the amount of love I give, so I give love freely to everything and everyone.

I choose to see love in everything and I feel love in every fiber of my being.

I am confident that it is only a matter of time before my true love turns up in my life and I WILL remain positive and focused to attain my desire.

I know that it is up to ME to get myself in perfect alignment with my desire so that it can show up, and I am making a commitment to myself that I will continue to persevere with raising my energy and vibration until my desire is met.

If you have been following this advice with the belief that you CAN attract your perfect relationship, your vibration should have definitely raised and you will have felt a positive shift in your energy.

Keep this going and really start to enjoy the process of deliberately creating your ideal partner through using these

Always remember that it is up to YOU and your level of commitment and belief as to whether they appear in your life.

All you need to do is raise your vibration to match theirs and they WILL show up.

I truly hope that you have gained some benefit from my words and have gained a clearer understanding regarding Law of Attraction Love.

If you want to further your knowledge, there are numerous books and resources relating to Law of Attraction relationships and LOA love that will help speed up the process for you.

Happy manifesting,